Washington State Takes Prime Championship in Oregon Second Year in a Row

Deck List Breakdown

The competition was fierce at the Beaverton, Oregon Prime Championship hosted by Smugger’s Run last Saturday. Many on our team were expecting a field consisting of mostly Temporary Truce decks. Not even kinda true!

Saturday’s meta was extremely diverse. Data posted to Facebook by Dice Commando showed that there were at least 27 unique character lists (out of 37 lists total). There was only one repeated character list in the top 8.

The Cloud City decks were no exception. Our lists were all over the place (and I think I’m missing at least one). The list is mostly sorted by placement:

  • ePalpatine/Jabba/Lightsaber Mastery
  • eSatine/R2-D2/C-3PO/Armored Reinforcement
  • eMaul/Mandalorian Commando/Retribution
  • eKylo/eRey/Temporary Truce
  • eChopper/R2-D2/C-3PO/Fateful Companions
  • eWatto/Wat/Phasma (Ruthless Tactician)
  • eIden/eHan
  • eJabba/Wat/Sentinel
  • eKylo (Tormented One)/ePhasma (Ruthless Tactician)
  • eKylo (Bound by the Force)/ePhasma (Ruthless Tactian)/Order 66
  • eWat/eWatto/Clawdite Shapeshifter
  • eCody/eSatine/Clone Trooper
  • eThrawn/Sentinel Messenger/Armored Reinforcement

“The Militia”

Some of our players are missing from this photo (lens flares courtesy of J.J. Abrams), but Washington certainly showed up on Saturday. Represented cities included Bellevue, Bellingham, Bothell, Lacey, Lake Stevens, Olympia, Redmond, Seattle, Shoreline, Tumwater, and Walla Walla.

Washington participants (including local content creators Dice of Failure and Cloud City Rollers) made up half of the top 8 in Oregon this weekend, and over half of the top 16. Three of the four semi-finalists were Washington players. Saturday’s undefeated 12-0 champion hails from Olympia and plays in Lacey, Washington, which will host its own Prime Championship in December.

Rank (Swiss)Name
1Jeff JCCR
2James KDOF
3Andres PCCR
4Sean C
5Jacob RCCR
6Erik H
7Steve G
8Brian R
9John SDOF
10Sam LCCR
11Anthony SCCR
12Wyatt SDOF
13Drew SBoise Boys
14Marisa T(California)
15Derrick D
16Stephanie VCCR

Winner’s Tournament Report by Lacey Cloud City Roller Jeff J.

Quarter-Finalist’s Tournament Report by Bellingham Dice of Failure’s James. K.


While I love rolling into another state with an Entourage of friends, we inevitably end up knocking each other out of Swiss. My 2 losses of the day were to fellow Cloud City Rollers Jacob R. (who made top 4) and Sam L., whom I had practiced with less than 24 hours prior!

Team Chopper (Mark-3PO & Sinomi) vs. Team Falcon (Ace & Kalaheo)
Team Falcon went on to finish in the top four as Finalist and Semi-Finalist
Stefunny vs. Kalaheo (Photo by Kenton M)

Naturally, we can’t all win, but our testing teams have a lot to be proud of! Hours and hours of weekly meetups, discord chats, and late-night brainstorms went into making this all happen. We’re fortunate to have one of the widest, most inclusive, and most supportive communities in the country.

Special thanks to my carpool team for driving and setting up our AirBnB, to Red Team for the landslide laser tag win, and of course to Smuggler’s Run Gaming and Superplay for giving us places to play!