Matt (right) with Kanan Jarrus (left) at the 2018 World Championship

When not getting banned from local game stores for being too loud and obnoxious, Matt can usually be found dropping some crazy new danksaber nonsense at the self-described “jank tournaments” he hosts at Zulu’s Board Game Cafe in Bothell.

His favorite character is Grand Admiral Thrawn, and he played him with Mother Talzin at the 2017 Seattle Regional tournament before dropping out of the Top 4. Matt’s Thrawn made another appearance (this time with Snoke) at the 2018 Vancouver Regional tournament before dropping out of the Top 4. Matt doesn’t always play Thrawn, though. He ran an impressive five-wide Battle Droid deck at the Blue Highway Games Store Championship in Seattle this summer before dropping out of the Top 4. Just kidding, that deck didn’t make Top 4, but it probably could have… if he hadn’t dropped.

Matt’s least favorite part of Destiny is the dice. His background in statistics helps him determine the most likely outcome, and he plans his games around what should happen. Unfortunately, this game has a way of turning out how it shouldn’t have happened instead (ask him about the seemingly unending string of nut-rolls in Lacey, WA).

He’s also a fan of Magic: The Gathering, Arkham Horror TCG, Keyforge, and getting Fisted at tournaments.

Double fisting after being double Fisted at the Portland Regional Tournament, 2019

If you’re judging a tournament that Matt is at, please let him know how much time is left in the round. Often.