The Scyre: Convergence Tournament Report

On Thursday, April 4, Zulu’s Board Game Cafe in Bothell, WA held its first Standard tournament of the Convergence meta. Having missed launch events due to being out of town, I was especially excited to roll some fresh dice. 28 players geared up for 4 rounds of Swiss, which was a fantastic turnout.

I thought the new Phasma had great flavor with an army of stormtroopers at her disposal. I decided to keep the pairing simple, with a FOST to go alongside the Chrome Dome. While she has several interesting partners—including Talzin, the character whom CCR’s thejumpingflea paired with Phasma—I wanted to see how good a full trooper deck could be (not to mention the fact that aggro decks perform quite well in early metas).

Just don’t play against Kylo

With mono Red, the deck almost builds itself since you have such limited choices in the card pool. After the tournament, the most valuable cards were pretty clear; a few in particular stood out above the others. Conscript Squad was a superb opener, as it’s a one-cost support that activates for free with Phasma and has five damage sides on its die. Intense Fire and Pulverize were the key closers and impacted every game I played.

Megablaster Troopers is the number one card to get in your mulligan; it is ridiculous with Phasma and Advanced Training. It’s important to keep in mind that Phasma’s ability includes all damage types, and so the Megablaster Trooper’s three indirect damage side becomes direct. This support isn’t necessarily difficult to pay for in the first round, either (especially if you draw a Logistics).

It’s a little bit of a shame that the villian affiliation got another top tier support, since it already has everyone’s favorite card, the 501st. But I digress; let’s move on to the tournament itself.

Round 1: eYoda / eLeia (Jeremy) – W

The Old Folks’ Home deck lost some of its bite after rotation, with the dreaded Hit and Run into Commando Raid no longer being legal. I knew my deck would be a nightmare for mill since it floods the pool with dice and deals damage no matter what you roll. On top of that, it does not rely on upgrades and supports to put out heavy damage—you can hit for up to 10 with the character dice alone. The match played out in an expected fashion, with the troopers quickly overwhelming their aged opponents.

Round 2: eSnoke / Watto / FOST (Brendan) – W

This is the lineup that I fear the most in this early meta. It reminds me of the Snoke / Ciena three-wide list which I believe was the best deck in the last cycle. The underlying idea is essentially to take the most powerful characters (Snoke and Watto) and the most powerful cards (Vader’s Fist, Megablasters, Entourage) and see what you get. What you get is pretty strong.

I was able to take out Snoke early in round 2 by resolving a blank for three direct damage thanks to Intense Fire, a combo which almost feels against the heart of Destiny. However, Brendan had gotten a round 1 Delve into Planetary Bombardment (backed up with an Entourage) which meant that the game was nowhere near over. It came down to a final reroll where I hit the two ranged side on Phasma. My second Intense Fire allowed me to resolve for lethal damage.

Round 3: eL3-37 / Marauder / Rebel Engineer / AR (Chris) – W

I wasn’t sure how this match would go, as his lineup had a lot of health and some resilient character dice (thanks to L3’s ability). However, I had a near perfect start with a Logistics into a Megablasters in the first round. Chris was unable to ramp quickly as he was forced to use mitigation early on to stem the flood of troopers. A late game Pulverize helped close it out.

Round 4: eYoda / Han / Gungan (Jake) – W

Having seen this deck beat a fully loaded Palpatine, I knew I was in for a tough match. However, I kept a Probe in my opening hand, which I used to pull his only mitigation. This allowed me to drop a Conscript Squad and reroll greedily, taking out Yoda in the opening round. It was downhill from there for Han and the Gungan—Megablasters soon hit the table and allowed me to quickly pile up damage from blanks alone.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks to Advanced Training, Phasma and her trooper have a consistently high damage floor unlike anything I’ve seen before in Destiny. The deck puts out a solid amount of damage from the get-go and requires minimal ramp to put strong pressure on your opponent. That said, it is balanced out by a low health pool and a limited card base. I don’t expect it to dominate the meta, but it is certainly an aggro deck to consider.

Overall, I had a blast getting my feet wet in this new post-rotation meta! Despite some faction imbalances, I’m feeling rather optimistic about the game and I’m enjoying exploring the new mechanics.

See below a (mostly) complete list of the decks represented:

  • eSnoke/First Order Stormtrooper/First Order Stormtrooper/Advanced Training
  • eYoda/Han3/Gungan Warrior
  • ePadme2/eYoda/Armored Reinforcement
  • Phasma3/eTalzin
  • ePalpatine3/Watto
  • ePadme2/Enfys Nest’s Marauder/Enfys Nest’s Marauder
  • eCody/Clone Trooper/Clone Trooper/Long Term Plan
  • eKylo2/eAnakin
  • eJyn2/ePadme2
  • ePhasma3/First Order Stormtrooper/Advanced Training
  • ePadme2/Naboo Royal Guard/?
  • eLuke3/eYoda/Lightsaber Mastery
  • eLeia2/eYoda/Lightsaber Mastery
  • eMace2/Gungan Warrior/Gungan Warrior/Lightsaber Mastery
  • eSaw/ePadme2
  • Aphra/Wat/Sentinel/?
  • Padme2/Rebel Engineer/Marauder/Armored Reinforcement
  • eEnfys/Enfys Nest’s Marauder/Enfys Nest’s Marauder/No Allegiance
  • eL3-37/Enfys Nest’s Marauder/Rebel Engineer
  • eL3-37/Rebel Engineer/Rebel Engineer
  • ePoe2/eChewie2
  • eMace2/eLuke3/Bitter Rivalry


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