Star Wars: Destiny – Pacemaker League @ Zulu’s Board Game Café

Hello everyone, it is my (Kalaheo’s) pleasure to announce that the Star Wars: Destiny Cloud City Rollers Pacemaker League is starting Thursday, November 7 at Zulu’s Board Game Cafe.

What is it?

A fun and casual league environment for any type of player. It will take place over the course of five weeks, and will have multiple ways for players to win and be rewarded.

How Does It Work?

Each week will have a deck-building theme that your deck must abide by. For instance, if the theme is “Blue Cards Only,” then your deck may only have Blue cards. Each week, Kalaheo or someone in his place will hand out paper score sheets for the week to track games and achievements on. Players can play as many games as they want per week, but only one game per opponent will officially count (up to four games per week). Players will track their wins and other points on the score sheet that will be provided each week.


Multi Night:

  • The Destiny Flight: Play a character from each color of villain and hero
    • Blue Hero
    • Red Hero
    • Yellow Hero
    • Blue Villain
    • Red Villain
    • Yellow Villain
  • Among the Stars: Play a character from each movie in the Skywalker Saga
    • The Phantom Menace
    • Attack of the Clones
    • Revenge of the Sith
    • A New Hope
    • The Empire Strikes Back
    • Return of the Jedi
    • The Force Awakens
    • The Last Jedi
  • Loremaster: Play a unique weapon or support from each color of villain and hero
    • Blue Hero
    • Red Hero
    • Yellow Hero
    • Blue Villain
    • Red Villain
    • Yellow Villain

Basic: (Repeatable each week up to a maximum of five per week)

  • Shields Up – Have 2 or more characters with 3 shields
  • No One Left Behind – Win without losing a character
  • No Answer – Discard the last card in an opponent’s hand
  • Award Ceremony – Have 8 cards in hand

Trick Shots:

  • Roll On: Resolve the same die at least 3 times in one round
  • Close Call: Have a character avoid lethal damage 3 times in one round
  • Triple Threat: Resolve a character die, a support die, and an upgrade die in one action
  • I’ve Got the Power: Use 5 Power Actions in a single round


  • Taste the Rainbow: Defeat 3 characters using 3 differently colored dice in one game
  • Vibrodeath: Defeat a character that could have blocked 3 or more damage
  • Lightning Bolt: Deal 6 damage out of hand in one round
  • One-shot: Defeat a full health, non-diceless character in one action

Scrub A Dub:

  • Bad at Maths: Bring a 29 point character team
  • Hoarder: Win with 6 resources
  • The Unplayables: Play a 4 and 5-cost event
  • Split Damage: Have 3 damage on each opponent’s character before defeating any
  • Overqualified: Overkill a character by 4 or more damage