Spark of Hope Rules Update: Restricted List

Fantasy Flight Games developer Jeremy Zwirn introduced us to the new restricted list this morning in this post from Organized Play on the FFG website.

In Star Wars: Destiny, only one card (but as many copies as are normally allowed) from the restricted list can be included in a player’s deck. This limits potentially broken combinations of cards that could result in one-sided games or a negative play experience.

Standard Format Restricted List

Infinite Format Restricted List

Droid Camp

In my opinion, adding a restricted list was an elegant fix to a complex issue. The infamous “Droid Camp” combo gave better than a 50% chance of a four resource start for its player. In most cases it also denied their opponent any resources at all for the first round (provided that the droid player won the battlefield roll-off—not too hard given their five die start).

That big of a resource swing is typically crippling for any match up. We use chance cubes here, so let’s leave the coin flips to Pokémon, please.

The same situation can sort of be recreated with activation/action cheating cards like Droids Day Out or Ewok Ambush. Having to draw the event adds an element of uncertainty beyond just needing the Military Camp battlefield.

Execute Order 66

The other combo many were concerned about was Execute Order 66 paired with Rebel Traitor. This combination forced an opponent to roll in two characters. Then, Execute Order 66 would remove all of their character dice before they could be resolved. This was especially punishing with the added damage from Execute Order 66.

Again, one could technically still pull off a similar combo with something like Lure (which can also activate an opponent’s characters). However, like the Droids Day Out combo, it still requires the player to draw into the event, plus play an additional resource to play Lure.

Changing any particular piece of these combos would have been tricky at best, so I appreciate the decision to leave the individual cards alone. I like that FFG chose to address the broken interactions instead. I also dig how swiftly these broken combos were handled. Many of us are hoping to start jamming games with our new stuff as soon as possible!

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