Spark of Hope HYPE

Happy Star Wars Celebration, all!

Fantasy Flight Games has announced set eight, Spark of Hope, and there is a lot of exciting newness to take in!

Grand Admiral Thrawn

These cards feel canonically imposing (and irritating). The Empire at War incarnation of Thrawn terrorized our local meta, and his assault on players’ cards in hand continues with Mastermind and Cultural Records. With the new Thrawn, not even the cards in our deck are safe! He’s definitely a force to be reckoned with, but I’ll leave the deep analysis on this guy to experts thejumpingflea and krez.

Anticipation level:


Look out, haters. REYLO has arrived! Both characters are interesting in their own right; each has respectable health points, decent dice, and flavorful specials and Power Actions. Temporary Truce‘s “You cannot include Gray cards in your deck” doesn’t exclude neutral Blue cards, and honestly doesn’t feel like that much of a restriction unless you’re really into the fifth D of dodgeball.

Personally I’m a fan of this OTP, but not nearly as much as Cheshire, so I’ll leave the write-up to them.

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This goofy new archetype looks gimmicky at best and extremely vulnerable to Fear and Dead Men at worst. Chief Chirpa giving us access to a cheap Yellow leader is kind of cool, and his team-building ability to bring in an extra character for a total of 11 health has nice value.

Wait, wait, I need to look at that Ewok Warrior again.


It’s a common character!? Okay, that makes sense. It’s not a die card, only has four health, and doesn’t do a whole lot other than an indirect damage on activation. Plus, you can only have them with Chirpa (or possibly Wicket, who could be a Yellow legendary?). 4 points for 4 health means—wait, Chirpa non-elite is 10 points, Ewok Warriors are 4 points each, and Chirpa also gives a bonus Ewok, so…

We can go SEVEN-wide!?

And that’s not even including the potential extra teddy bears we can pump out with the Chief Chirpa’s Hut support, which doesn’t necessarily self-destruct upon using its special, unlike Separatist Landing Craft!

Is it wise? Eh… is it hilarious? YES.

However, I’m less excited about Ewok Gang Up purity than I am about a splash of the adorable carnivores. Despite the cool synergy offered by having a mass of fuzzy, rock-hurling, Stormtrooper-eating shorties, these little buddies have, um, other applications.

Look. Look at these cards. Look at that adorable 4 point creature, and then look at these cards. Gone are my days of throwing Gungans and Jawas into the garbage chute. I have new dice fodder now!

Chief Chirpa at 10 points non-elite provides us with some good team building space. Even at 12 points elite we still have plenty of wiggle-room (although I’m not sure if that die is worth 2 points or not—maybe a plot would be better instead?).

Also, how about that Ewok Bow! It could certainly be worse for one resource, and I think it’s an appropriate auto-include for pretty much any deck that includes even one miniature hairy biped.

Anticipation level:

That’s it for now from me! I’m enjoying Convergence for sure, but this new stuff has me really excited!

Stay tuned for more. We’ll be keeping our eyes open too…