Solo Sabine — Seattle GQ Infinite Second Place

This past weekend we had two epic days of Destiny in the Pacific Northwest. I didn’t make it on Saturday, but I was present for both Standard and Infinite Galactic Qualifiers on Sunday. Taking third in Standard with a 5-1 record (with this) meant I was feeling pretty good when Infinite rolled around. I decided to play Sabine for two reasons. First, Infinite seemed like a crapshoot, so I wanted to play the deck I’d have the most fun losing with. Second, it’s Sabine—all I’d have to do was roll threes and play Hyperspace Jump. 😉

SWDestinyDB deck image

Just prior to the tournament, some players saw my deck and were pretty stoked to see Sabine making an appearance. This included Chris Monk of Monk’s Gaming Battlefield, aka the Solo Sabine Master, who was probably even more excited than I was about my selection.

Round 1 – Win – eMace1/eAhsoka2 + Salt Flats

My first round was against Tim, a fantastic guy from Vancouver. He frequently brings his son Owen to big events in Seattle. I lost the roll-off (which isn’t unusual), and he chose his battlefield.

Ahsoka Tano - Brash Prodigy
Ahsoka lives! But not this time.

This was a matchup that I felt pretty good about, since my tricks work well against Mace’s heavy-hitting dice. I Hyperspace Jumped in the first round. In the second round I played a Tenacity to exhaust Mace. Tim was still able to play Mace’s Windu’s Lightsaber, Knighthood, and Force Speed on Ahsoka. Luckily, a clutch Easy Pickings saved me from taking a bunch of damage.

I hit an eight damage roll in the third round to knock off Ahsoka before Tim could move Mace’s Lightsaber. After using Reversal on Mace’s four melee side, we went into the next and final round. The combination of Infamous and Never Tell Me the Odds was finally enough to defeat Mace Windu.

Round 2 – Win – eVader3/Greedo + Fighting Pit

My next opponent was Jeremy and it was the second time we’d played that day (we’d faced off earlier in the Standard Qualifier). He won the roll-off, so of course we plunged into the Fighting Pit.

I was able to apply chip damage while keeping Vader at bay with Sabine’s tricks, and went into the next round with five damage and two shields on the Terror. I had five resources (exactly what I needed to execute my plan) but Jeremy had the initiative.

Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary
Sabine shot first.

A Force Illusion would have foiled my scheme, but luckily my opponent’s first action was to activate Vader. I then played Instigate with my first resource, and a DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol from my discard pile. Thanks to the two Ambush actions, I was able to then play Never Tell Me the Odds to flip all of Sabine’s dice to perfect damage and take out Vader. It turned out that Jeremy did have the Force Illusion in hand, as he played it on Greedo later that round—I was very fortunate to have been able to spike Vader. Greedo put up a fight, but the little bounty hunter wasn’t able to deal with our favorite Mandalorian.

Round 3 – Win – eSnoke/eTarkin + Salt Flats

My next opponent was Marcelino, one of the strongest players in my local community. This matchup was one that I felt uneasy about, as it just takes a single Megablaster Troopers or Vader’s Fist to ruin my day. He won the roll-off and we played on Salt Flats.

Marcelino’s first action was to roll out Tarkin, and I responded with a Tenacity on Snoke. Everything depended on what he had in hand, and luckily for me, it lacked supports. He then had to play his upgrades on an exhausted Snoke, only pushing four damage with a Snoke Power Action on Tarkin. Using the Salt Flats Power Action, Marcelino flipped the remaining Tarkin die to the two discard side and removed a Hyperspace Jump from my hand. I pushed two damage onto Tarkin before getting the Battlefield Claim.

Sabine hit Tarkin for five, but then Hyperspace Jump and Never Tell Me the Odds got Probed out of my hand. Oof! I discarded to reroll my lone Sabine die, hitting the three damage I needed to take out Tarkin. Marcelino then made a unique play: he used Overconfidence just to reroll Sabine’s die. I hit the jackpot, because the die again hit the three ranged and I defeated Tarkin immediately.

From there on it was a grind, but since Tarkin never got to use his Power Action, I was pretty far ahead. Sometimes you just get lucky—I certainly did in this game.

Round 4 – Loss – eVader3/First Order Stormtrooper + Fighting Pit

Sean (aka Pearl Yeti of Artificery) was my round 3 opponent. At last year’s GQ, we played an absolutely crazy game that went to time and was decided by one point of damage. This year’s game managed to top it.

Sean won the roll off and took us to the Fighting Pit. He promptly played a Mind Extraction on Sabine, and I used Tenacity to exhaust Vader. He played a Force Illusion on Vader, but the only die that was rolled that round was the Stormtrooper’s.

Flighting Pit - Mimban Battlefield
Fight! Fight! Fight!

Next round, I activated Sabine with a Hidden Blaster and landed on two three ranged sides and a plus-two ranged modifer. Three of the made it through to Vader, but the Force Illusion ate the rest. Sean slammed Sabine with a Seize the Day into seven damage from Vader. Popping my Second Chance using Count Dooku’s Lightsaber also allowed Sean to squeeze the maximum value from his dice.

In the final round, I played an Instigate and Never Tell Me the Odds combo to defeat Vader and put three damage on the Stormtrooper. Sabine only had two health points remaining, but I was feeling pretty good due to the Second Chance and Flee the Scene in my hand. Sean had other plans, however. He played Tactical Mastery, rolled in his Stormtrooper, and resolved the two ranged side to destroy Sabine (along with my hopes and dreams). What. A. Game.

Round 5 – Win – ePalpatine3/eWatto + Salt Flats

It turned out that had I won the last round, I would have gotten a World Championship seat since the other 4-0 player already had one. Ouch! My final round was against Lukas Litzsinger, whose name should be familiar to you if you’ve ever read a Destiny package. He won the roll off and chose to play on my battlefield, Outer Rim Outpost.

I Tenacity-ed Palpatine and Lukas took an early Claim to gain initiative, a resource, and a card. His Watto had trouble finding resource sides, including on a whiffed Power Action. Despite this, Lukas managed to get Force Storm out. I then mitigated it with a Reversal on the four indirect damage side for a massive damage swing. With the help of Instigate I finally got the kill on Palpatine, and Watto was unable to close it out.

Closing Thoughts

I honestly had no expectations for the Infinite event, so going 4-1 and getting essentially a die roll away from a Worlds seat with Solo Sabine felt good. Of course, I absolutely got lucky with Sabine’s fire rolls (and Never Tell Me the Odds). All of my opponents were fantastic, and the event was some of the most fun I’ve ever had playing Destiny. Between rounds Monk and other folks were coming to see how Sabine was doing, and people were cheering for Sabine to take it all. Big props to Monk for being the inspiration behind taking Solo Sabine to a big event. 

What makes this deck so powerful is the ability to play three-cost events for only one resource once per round (thanks to Calling in Favors). Cards like Tenacity are normally too situational and expensive to see play, but when you get to exhaust a Vader for one resource, it’s clearly worth it. The trade off is that having only 11 health means that sometimes you just lose the game to a lucky roll or because you don’t have the right tools at the time. The deck is also quite weak to hand and resource disruption.

Sabine in flight, holding the Darksaber and a blaster
Sabine flying solo.

One of the changes I’d consider making would be to include more resource generation. I’d like to, at the very least, add a second Streetwise. It pays for itself in the first round and can help nullify any resource disrupting your opponent might be doing. If you expect to face three-wide decks often, I’d add in a Thermal Detonator to give yourself a fighting chance. 

Solo Sabine is the perfect deck for the insanity that is Infinite format. I can’t wait until the next time I get to play it.