North Sound Progressive League

Progressive League concept and implementation inspired by K-Matt and the OCC Destiny Group. Documentation borrowed and adapted by eReuben/eStephanie with permission.

Star Wars: Destiny Convergence Progressive Sealed League

  • Cloud City Rollers will be hosting the league events at Zulu’s Board Game Cafe, 10234 Main St, Bothell, WA 98011
  • Four round-robin/Swiss events starting on Thursday, April 11, 2019.
  • We will meet every other week on Thursdays: April 11, April 25, May 9, and May 23
  • Points will be tallied to determine the top placements in the Star Wars: Destiny Convergence Progressive Sealed League.
  • League prizes will consist of bonus packs accrued through the league, plus additional items (TBA).
  • All prizes will be awarded on last date of event (Thursday, May 23) after the final games have been played.

Registration and Fees

The $20 registration fee for the league is paid at your first event.

Upon registration, you will be provided with a Convergence League Checklist and six Convergence booster packs. Your registration fee also adds two boosters to the league prize pool.

A $10 dollar registration is paid at each additional league event.

Each week you will receive your Convergence League Checklist, plus three Convergence booster packs. Your fee also covers one additional booster for the league prize pool.

Progressive League Rules

The league start time each week will be 7:00 p.m. You will have 30 minutes to open your boosters, update your checklist, and build a deck from the booster packs you have gotten from the league so far. You will also use one of the following boxed products for your deck building: General Grievous Starter Set, Obi-Wan Kenobi Starter Set, or Allies of Necessity Draft Set (pending release date). There will be no deck modifications between rounds. You may change which boxed product you use each week.

Draft Kits

Until Allies of Necessity is released (release date TBD), we will also allow use of characters (Anakin – Conflicted Apprentice, Lobot – Cyborg Aide, Ketsu – Black Sun Operative, and Jawa Scavenger) from the Rivals draft set. No other cards from Rivals will be allowed, and none of these characters may be Elite.

  • Event tournament structure will be 35 minute Swiss rounds (likely 4) based on the number of players.
  • Players that join late in the season may pay the initial $20 entry fee instead of the $10 weekly cost to get double packs.
  • Players must have one of the boxed products listed above to participate. Zulu’s will be happy to sell you one if you don’t have it yet!
  • Points will be rewarded as follows: one point for a loss, two points for a bye, and three points for a win.
  • At the end of each event, the players with the lowest points for the evening will be provided with an additional booster pack to help them at the next event.
  • Week 4 will be “I find your lack of faith disturbing” week. Players will have the option to purchase two allotments of packs if they so choose ($20).  
  • At the end of each evening, players must return their Convergence League Checklist to the Tournament Organizer. We strongly advise that players use a deck box or other container to keep league drafted cards and dice separate from their personal collections.
  • Players may decide which starter to use after opening their booster packs. All regular deck building rules must be followed, including affiliation and color restrictions.