Maul’s Vambraces – Top 32 at Worlds 2019

Played by F4ll0ut of Cloud City Rollers.

I switched onto Maul the week before Worlds, thanks to a near-local (James from Dice of Failure) who piloted the deck to the finals of the Portland Prime the weekend prior. Maul spoke to me, and I knew I had my deck for Worlds. After a few changes from James’s list, the deck felt like it was tuned up and ready to go.

I didn’t take notes of names and games, so this is a very rough recollection of how my days went. Almost everyone was fantastic to play with, and I kept checking in with multiple opponents throughout the weekend. It really felt like such a great community around the event.

Round 1: Grievous/4-LOM/Sentinel Messenger (Johnny D) – Win

This game started a little slow for me, and Johnny got out a Delve into Vader’s Fist in the first round, which meant I had an uphill battle. I didn’t draw Desperate Measures to take out the Fist early so had to just battle through with Maul and Commando to get everyone down.

Round 2: Vader/Greedo (???) – Win

This was my most stressful matchup of the day. Vader and Maul traded blows until Maul died. Commando was able to get just enough damage out of a Pulse Cannon Power Action to take down Vader. This left a loaded-up, full health Commando against a three health Greedo, which went as expected.

Round 3: Reylo (Wes, Top 32 finish) – Loss

This match was on the Hyperloops stream. I don’t feel like I have a terrible Reylo matchup with Maul as I can generally keep their shields off, but this game felt like everything went wrong for me (weak removal, no spike damage) and my opponent had everything going well for him. I maybe should’ve taken his battlefield to start.

Round 4: Reylo (???) – Loss

This game went slightly better for me overall, but I think I shot myself in the foot in the end—I mis-ordered resolution on two dice. This ended up allowing Rey to PA to reroll her own die, hit the 1 melee side, and play Ataru Strike for exactly 2 damage lethal.

Lunch Break

Slightly tilted by Reylo at this point, a teammate and I went down to Burger Moe’s and got great happy hour food and chatted about life and dice. Thanks Sinomi!

Round 5: Chopper Droids (???) – Win

Another fine game. Somewhere around round three I got double Convergence‘d and lost my Darth Vader’s Lightsaber and Pulse Cannon. Luckily I was able to Act Of Cruelty to nix R2 and discard a Rex’s Blaster at the top of the round, which threw off my opponent’s game plan. From there I was able to grind out my damage as he had few supports out.

Round 6: Maul/Watto (Brian, Golden Dice) – Win

This was a crazy mirror match. In round one I thought the game was over already—Brian had out Maul’s Lightsaber, which Maul PA’ed for three damage and rolled back out. We traded blows until my Maul died. Brian’s Maul was at 10 damage. I was able to PA Mandalorian Vambraces and replay them with the Mandalorian Super Commando PA, leaving Brian’s Maul at 11 damage. My opponent claimed, and I paid two resources for double Act Of Cruelty to kill Maul! This left Watto (six damage) to face off against my Commando (four damage). The next round Brian played Pulse Cannon and PA’ed to little effect. I then PA’ed my own Cannon to … also no effect. In the end, my Commando was able to finish the job. Brian was a great opponent and I frequently checked in with him over the weekend to let him know how I did.

Round 7: Grievous/4-LOM/Sentinel Messenger (Trey) – Win

This game ended up on the official FFG stream as the previous pairing declined to be on stream and one of the FFG employees was just walking the top tables looking for anyone to fill in. This game just went fantastic for me. I rolled well and had answers such as Desperate Measures just when I needed them. My opponent also rolled very cold (lots of blanks and disrupts) so it was a tough game for him.

Round 8: Chopper/R2/C-3PO/Fateful Companions (Randy) – Win

This was another game that felt like I was really behind early on. Randy was getting good damage out and I couldn’t mitigate much of it. My day was saved when I got an insane Pulse Cannon PA to take Chopper from two damage to dead. This completely turned the game around and left only 3PO, Resistance Crait Speeder and Hired Muscle on my opponent’s side of the board. I was able to finish it out and ended the day 6-2.

Round of 64: Reylo (David from Spain) – Win (2-0)

I had shaken my tilt from day 1A and went over plays to look for with my teammates. In game one David won the roll-off and took his battlefield (Bendu’s Lair – Atollon). I tried to be careful about letting Rey get specials to reroll to keep him off of value. Maul rolled hot fire for his PAs, giving me 4 and 3 the first two rounds.

In game two, David chose my battlefield and took shields. This game went down to the wire. Rey rolled in Soresu MasteryDagger of Mortis and her dice. David then turned two dice with the Soresu focus to show lethal damage for Commando. I then played Armor Plating, discarding a DX-2 Disruptor Blaster Pistol and forgetting to PA the Commando. I took the hit, leaving my Commando with one health plus Bounty Hunter Mask. Rey (sitting at eight damage) Steadfasted me for one. My Commando’s two ranged side gets blanked by Rey’s PA, and I use up all my cards to reroll, finally landing back on the two ranged, which puts Rey at one health. In the next round, David activates Rey and I use Act Of Cruelty for the one unblockable damage to end the game. I missed two Commando PAs in this game, which would’ve made it a little more comfortable for me, but I still got the win. Props to David and his crew for coming all the way from Spain.

Round of 32: Palp/Motti (Jonathan, Top 8 finish) – Loss (0-2)

From the deck list preview, I felt like I had a bad matchup going into our first game. I didn’t understand Motti’s full ability, which bit me the first time with removal. In game one Jonathan got out abilities, rolled a lot of damage, and did his crazy Admiral shenanigans. It went poorly for me.

In game two he was short on abilities, so I got Motti down quickly and Palp was near death. I needed to rip some Act Of Cruelty to be able to save myself, but couldn’t find it. I lost with Palp near death. Jonathan was a great opponent and I hope to see him at other events!

Maul was on the playmat—it was fate!

Overall I had a fantastic weekend. I couldn’t have asked more from how my deck performed and where I placed. A huge thanks to my teammates from Cloud City Rollers who were there supporting each other all weekend at the event. I’m super proud we had two of us in Top 32, and two more of our extended Washington State group in Top 64. Special thanks to Ace and Bloody9 for helping me with my final deck changes. Thanks to James from Dice of Failure for inspiring me to play Maul, and props on Top 64!