Seattle Galactic Qualifiers, Trilogy Format – Summer 2018

Behold Mark-3PO, first of his name, GQ conqueror, collector of Tikis, meta-enthusiast, and drinker of ciders. He’s also best friends with a talking raccoon.

Mark joined our community early last year by trying out a few draft tournaments at Around the Table in Lynnwood, WA. He caught the bug hard and soon after joined a local league at Zulu’s Board Game House. Before long, he was collecting tokens and promos by placing high in casual weekly tournaments around town.

After just a few months in the game, Mark won the Trilogy Galactic Qualifier in Seattle, earning him an invitation to the World stage in 2019. He currently holds the record for most Tiki Trophy prizes won at Melting Top Games. His favorite card is (probably) Impulsive. Matt likes to pick on him for playing a Hailfire Droid Tank at a jank tournament.

Mark with Tiki Prize #2 of (many) at Melting Top Games, Lynnwood