Lacey, WA Prime Championship Winner 2019 – Farewell to Fateful

With the new Balance of the Force becoming active on December 20, I wanted to give Fateful Chopper its last hurrah at the Lacey Prime (not that it needed it). I also hadn’t been playing much Destiny since Worlds, and this was the deck that I felt most comfortable with.

The deck

Round 1: ePadme/eChief Chirpa/Ewok Warrior (Jeremy, Cloud City Rollers) — Win

Jeremy drew his ideal five card start, which immediately set the game up to be a tough battle. As things kicked off he rolled Chirpa into ideal sides: one ranged and one special. He then dealt the one damage to C-3PO and played Target Acquired on him.

With the two Glider Attacks he had in hand plus Chirpa’s two indirect damage from the special, Jeremy was threatening lethal on C-3PO. Luckily, I was able to action cheat and kill the Ewok Warrior before the Glider Attack was played. Jeremy then played Instigate to roll out Padme for the kill, but whiffed on focus sides. This let C-3PO live into the second round, and by that point I had ramped enough to get ahead in the matchup.

Round 2: eTalzin/Phasma/Mandalorian Super Commando — Win

This was a rough game for my opponent—I was able to kill Talzin in the first round and there was just no coming back from that.

Round 3: eChopper/C-3PO/R2-D2/Fateful Companions (Story) — Win

This was a great mirror match. I had an awkward starting hand with both Hired Muscles, but thankfully I was able to generate enough money to play both of them in round one and threaten damage. At the start of round two I rolled both of my Hired Muscles into the three melee side, forcing my opponent to Automated Defense each of them. At this point my turn hadn’t even really started, and my opponent had no resources left. This sealed the deal, allowing me to ramp harder and get the first kill.


Round 4: ePalpatine/Jabba/Lightsaber Mastery (Jeff, Beaverton, OR Prime Winner) — Win

This is such a rough matchup for Palpatine. I made sure to immediately mitigate Jabba’s die so as to not walk into a Forsaken with my Chopper dice (it may feel like it’s not worth it, but trust me, it is). Then all I needed to do was put an upgrade on R2 and pump as much damage into Palp as possible. I killed Palp pretty quickly, but Jeff was running the Delve/Fist package which allowed him to stay in the match a little bit longer. Despite this, it ended up being just too big of a hill for him to climb.

Round 5: Rey/Kylo Ren/Temporary Truce — Win

Streamed by Dice of Failure. This was such a close match. We’ll skip the boring details and go straight to the end, because holy cow it was intense.

To set the stage: Rey had four health left, my turn was mostly over, and my opponent’s turn was just starting. It had come down to my R2-D2 and C-3PO vs his Rey, but I had been able to equip both Electro Sword and Dagger of Mortis (great cards against Reylo).

I rolled Bendu into the two shield side (which is usually the best side), but I was scared of Rey shielding up and still losing C-3PO this turn. Instead of resolving the Bendu shields, I used C-3PO’s die showing focus to turn Bendu into two indirect damage, putting Rey at two health. I then resolved one melee from R2, leaving her at just one health. This essentially meant sacrificing C-3PO and gambling that I would be able to draw one of my four action cheating cards at the top of the next round. Fortunately I did, allowing me to activate R2 and turn Electro Sword to its top side (one ranged), dealing one unblockable damage to kill Rey.

Round 6: Rey/Kylo Ren/Temporary Truce — Win

This match was also streamed, but I must have blacked out midway through because I don’t remember much of it. I probably played some upgrades and did some damage? Seems like a safe bet.

Round 7: Plo Koon/Hoth Trooper/Chief Chirpa/Ewok Warrior (Lucas) — Loss

This was such a rough matchup for me. I am not quite sure what I could have done better, other than to ramp up more upgrades than I did.

Top 8: eSnoke/Mudtrooper/Mandalorian Super Commando (James, Dice of Failure) Win 2-1

This is an interesting deck, but I knew my highest priority in the matchup was to mitigate the Mando and the Mudtrooper’s character dice, and I did just that. To minimize Snoke’s Power Action, I always made sure to hold on to multiple mitigation cards. The one big difference in my game two loss was not drawing any upgrades or supports before round three (or maybe even four).

Top 4: eMaul/Mandalorian Super Commando (Andrew, Dice Commando) — Win 2-1

What even IS this matchup! The victor is determined in the first round, and winning the battlefield roll is super important (which I did). You really want to deny Maul those two shields. This was an explosive 3 game series which seemed to last a total of 15 minutes.

Game one was a stomp in my favor. Game two was a stomp in Andrew’s favor: a Fear and Dead Men, a Maul Power Action rolling into a three melee, plus an Act of Cruelty at the beginning of round two. Like the first, the final match was another stomp in my favor simply because I was able to take shields (the loser of the previous game in best of threes gets to pick).

Finals: Reylo (John, Golden Dice) — Win 2-1

I am very happy Reylo took out the PloWoks deck in the Top 4, because otherwise the finals might have been a disaster for me. Additionally, as I had already won a Prime in Idaho, I was happy to find out that the Worlds seat prize from Prime Championships is actually passed down if the winner already has one. This meant I was able to play out the finals instead of scooping to make sure my opponent would get the Worlds seat.

I was able to win the roll-off and take shields, which is very important in this matchup. Just like in the previous Maul matches, this put me in the position where if I won the first game I could again have my pick of shields for game three if I lost game two (which, spoilers, I did). 

Games one and three were fairly straightforward—I ramped upgrades to get a quick round two Kylo kill, but taking down Rey was a real slugfest (she is such a tank). Electro Sword and Dagger of Mortis are easily the MVPs for this matchup.

The tournament was a blast. Thanks to Kenton for judging and Gabi’s for hosting, and thank you to my Cloud City Rollers team for continuing to be awesome. Goodbye, Fateful Companions! It’s been a good run.

The Cloud City Rollers in Lacey, WA
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