Infinite Dream Teams – Balance of the Force Hot Takes

With the new point adjustments in the latest Infinite Format Holocron (effective April 8, 2019) the world of character pairings will bust wide open. Some characters have whopping -3 point reductions, and around 100 characters receive subtype additions, too. The possibilities feel, well… infinite!

Worth noting is that the majority of the point reductions seem to have been granted to hero characters, who have generally gotten the short end of the stick regarding character point values.

Those who survived through the FN-2199 meta back in Spirit of Rebellion are likely well aware of this, and a few of the characters responsible for those dark days are still suffering under point increases (*cough* Simon Pegg *cough*).

Here’s a tally of character point changes for comparison:

Villain points increased: 4
Villain points decreased: 7
Hero points increased: 3
Hero points decreased: 15

Experimental Dream Teams

The emphasis here is on experimental. These teams are more likely to be fun than competitive. When our Discord channel exploded this morning with ideas and theories about how to explore this new realm of team possibilities, I felt the need to document some of our thoughts!

Luminara Unduli – Inspiring Commander (-2/-3) / Enfys Nest’s Marauder / Clone Trooper

The idea behind this rainbow team is to use Luminara’s special to pump up the deck’s other character dice. Clone Trooper provides access to Red and also grants a character die reroll. Enfys Nest’s Marauder allows a sneaky villain card to be added to the deck. I think it should be Megablaster Trooopers for this deck, since the new rules will grant Luminara the Jedi and (more importantly) leader subtypes.

Lum-Lum was previously horribly overpriced at 17 points; reducing her to 11/14 finally allows her to be included in a team with two non-unique characters while still offering two dice of her own.

K-2SO – Reprogrammed Droid (-2) / Rey – Force Prodigy OR Anakin Skywalker – Podracing Prodigy

The prodigal orphans return with a generously adjusted OG K-2SO! These two kids offer very different benefits to my favorite wry robot, but both are exciting!

Rey’s signature action cheating and the large selection of melee upgrades define the Blue version of these K-2SO decks. Loading upgrades like Force Speed and Vibroknife onto Rey makes her a juicy target, and clever use of Redeploy can trigger K-2’s ready ability if timed well and Rey is defeated first. Non-weapon upgrades like Makashi Training and Luke Skywalker’s Lightning Rod circumvent K-2’s weapon restriction while still giving him dangerous dice.

Though Darksaber loses a little oomph due to K-2 being reduced from 15/20 points to 13/18 points, Yellow still works with K-2; Anakin gives him some much-needed consistency thanks to the addition of K-2’s new droid subtype. Plus, there are now there are 2 points to spare for a plot. Double Down feels like a good choice!

Lone Operative is an often overlooked upgrade for K-2 that compliments his character die nicely. It also shouldn’t be too difficult to pay for with Anakin’s resource-heavy dice. I tried a Yellow K-2 version before with my Iron Giant deck a while back, but it wasn’t very powerful. These new changes make K-2SO/Anakin look more appealing!

Baze Malbus – Crack Shot (-2) / Chirrut Imwe – Blind Warrior (-1/-2)

OMG, OTP. Is it good? I’m doubtful. But is it possible? Now, hell yes.

Jango Fett – Lethal Mercenary (-1/-2) / Boba Fett – Deadly Mercenary

My backpack has jets! This team looks way more appealing when it doesn’t require Allies of Necessity to be legal, and is perfect for your local “keep it in the family” casual theme night. Like Baze/Chirrut, I’m not sure if it’s good, but I’m excited that it’s now something we can do (even if it’s not something we should do).

Hera Syndulla – Phoenix Leader / Finn – First Order Defector (-2/-3) / L3-37 – Droid Revolutionary

This is my personal favorite (and not just because it includes Hera). My friend K-Matt pitched the idea of using Finn and Hera together to stack a deck with four X-Wings AND four TIE Fighters. The original plan was to include both Elite Finn and Elite Hera with Armored Reinforcement. However, I think adding more health and some extra focus with Elite L3 instead is a safer choice.

Ideally, the self-made droid will be defeated first so that her dice can be moved to a vehicle. This can be made more likely with tools like Karabast! and Honorable Sacrifice. That said, it might feel a little odd to install a navcomputer into a ship without a hyperdrive. Given how easy it is to Vandalize a TIE Fighter, it could be downright risky. It’s also important not to put L3 on a vehicle that was played using Hera’s special, or she’ll go away at the end of the round! While that’s a pretty good argument for Elite Hera over Elite L3-37, I stand by the belief that three-wide is definitely the way to go.

We’ve barely scratched the surface; there are still many, many more new combinations to try! I haven’t even looked at Mace and Ahsoka yet. I wasn’t terribly excited about Infinite before, but now I think it might be my go-to format for casual play.

Which pairings are you planning to try out? I’m eager to see what everyone is cooking up!

Until next time!