Shane and the world’s first Jar Jar Binks Spot-Gloss GQ Prize – Seattle

Shane is one of our most traveled Rollers and has made appearances seemingly everywhere, including multiple World Championships, the National Championships at NOVA Open, Gencon, most (if not all) Washington State Store Championships, and numerous Galactic Qualifiers all over the country.

He played mill before it was cool and has apparently taken part in extending the reputation of Seattle as “mill central” to other cities. Although he is soft-spoken and friendly, don’t underestimate him! He and his partner Andrea have claimed several Store Championship victories in Washington State, and have made collecting prize tickets at Galactic Qualifiers into an art.

Shane also played the now discontinued Star Wars Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. If you’re looking for someone with extra official FFG tokens, promos, mats, or other Destiny swag, he’s your guy!