Greater Seattle Area Local Events and News (March 16 – March 22)

“Darth Sipping Some Tea” by Kyle Hagey

There aren’t any events! To get your Destiny games in, start developing your very own Force Skype powers like Kylo and Rey, or just use TTS.

Now go wash your hands.

Covert Missions is now in stores, but supplies are limited. Not like toilet paper and hand sanitizer limited, but, unlike those panic hoarders’ delights, Covert Missions is unlikely to be restocked. RIP.

The Portland Prime scheduled for April 4 is also cancelled; details on a possible reschedule are pending announcement from Artificery. E-mail the Portland Game Store for help with securing a refund.

There is no word yet on the World Championship in May yet, but this might be a good time to check the cancellation policy for your AirBnB, plane tickets, etc. just in case.

Stay safe, keep others’ well-being in mind, and make smart choices, y’all.