Destiny at Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019

I was lucky enough to be able to make it to this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, and I was super happy that in addition to all the other awesome Star Wars stuff (Episode IX title and trailer, anyone?), Fantasy Flight Games and Star Wars: Destiny had a presence there. Not only that, but the next set, Spark of Hope, was announced!

FFG had a ton of events happening for their Star Wars games and products, including X-Wing, Edge of the Empire, Star Wars: Legion, and more. They also ran demos of their latest game, Star Wars: Outer Rim, in their booth. As awesome as this all is, you’re not here to listen to me talk about those other games, are you? No! You want the juicy details on all things Destiny at Celebration.

Inside Fantasy Flight Games Panel

On Saturday, April 13, I attended the “Inside Fantasy Flight Gamespanel at the Twin Suns Stage. Panelists included Head of Studio Andrew Navaro, Visual Creative Director Brian Schomburg, Miniatures Game Manager John Shaffer, and Producer Molly Glover.

The panel started off with a comedic video made during Sam Witwer’s (the voice of Darth Maul in Rebels, Clone Wars, and Solo) visit to the FFG headquarters. The full behind-the-scenes video of Sam Witwer’s FFG studio tour will be released later on.

FFG getting us excited about the next set

Producer Molly Glover gave us more details on Spark of Hope—up until the panel, we’d only seen a few images around Celebration revealing the latest set. We got a sneak peak at a new Thrawn, discovered that the new Kylo Ren and Rey will be playable together (I am extremely excited to create a Reylo deck), and were informed that the set will introduce a new mechanic: diceless characters. We were also told that Ewoks and Nightsisters would be featuring in Spark of Hope. Sinomi already did a great write-up on the new set spoilers, and you can expect more Cloud City Rollers will be following up with articles focused around the Spark of Hope cards and deck possibilities.

During the panel, the FFG team also announced new products for Legion, X-Wing, and Armada, and talked in more detail about Outer Rim. They also stated in response to an audience question that they plan to continue increasing their outward communication and community outreach.

Fantasy Flight Games Booth

The booth was an anthill! Besides running demos of their games, holding paint-and-takes for Legion miniatures, and selling regular product, FFG was the sole purveyor of both the Celebration exclusive Darth Vader Legion miniature and an exclusive Sabine Wren trading pin. I’m a huge sucker for pins and the trading thereof, so I braved the line for my favorite Mandalorian artist.

The FFG booth on the exhibit hall floor

A Celebration exclusive Maul promo was given out to anyone who ran through a demo of Destiny inside the booth (and was also given to all participants in any of the tournaments held in the FFG Gaming Room). I absolutely love Maul, so I was thrilled to get a sweet promo for him and know that he’d be playable in the near future.

Star Wars: Destiny Meetup

Saturday evening I attended the Star Wars: Destiny Meetup (alongside fellow Cloud City Rollers Arroz_con_Mango and thejumpingflea) organized by Zach Bunn of Team Covenant. After some pre-Celebration difficulties pinning down a suitable spot for the get-together, Zach had settled on the FFG Gaming Room inside the convention center.

Meetup attendees hailed from different places around the country, but we all converged to roll some dice! I spotted a variety of decks there including Palpatine/Watto, Satine/Qui-Gon, Yoda/Lando, and DJ/Talzin. I’d met Kevin of the Roll On podcast earlier in the day at the Inside Fantasy Flight Games panel, and we got to face-off: my Vader/FOST against his Satine/Qui-Gon!

Roll it again!

All in all it was a great time; I love meeting other Destiny players and talking meta. Thanks to Zach for organizing it!


Throughout the convention, FFG held three tournaments: Standard on Friday and Sunday, and Infinite on Saturday. These (like all of FFG’s Celebration events) were free to attendees, which was really nice considering normally you’d pay to go to an event and then pay an entry fee on top of that to play in any tournaments.

These tournaments were focused on casual play; players could jump in and out of the event and compete in a relaxed atmosphere. While I think this was great, as it meant new players (who might have just learned how to play through a demo) were able to participate, it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting going in.

A beautiful boy

Players in the tournaments got a Maul promo for participation, and a random promo for each game won. Acrylic Executioners and First Order Stormtroopers were available as prizes for those who went 6-0. I played in a couple of games on Friday, but since the format was casual and I wasn’t very interested in the prizes available, I ended up dropping and letting other players enjoy the fun.

Make Your Own Promo Card

At their exhibit hall booth, FFG held “Make Your Own Promo Card” sessions where players could create promo cards (not tournament legal) for Destiny and put themselves in them. They had two different backgrounds to pick from (Tatooine and the Death Star), a variety of props for participants to pose with, and one card base to choose from (Qui-Gon Jinn – Ataru Master). Each person making a promo was able to choose the name they wanted on the card as well.

Nothing will surprise your opponent more than a card with your face on it

Since each custom promo would need to be printed elsewhere on actual Destiny card material and backs, FFG collected mailing addresses for delivery after Celebration. I can’t wait to see mine when it arrives in the mail in a couple weeks!

Other Stuff

Besides the tournaments, the FFG Gaming Room was open pretty much all day every day for players to stop by for casual matches of Destiny (or X-Wing), check out a game from the library of Star Wars tabletop games, or jump into an RPG session.

Artists Darren Tan and Brian Rood (both of whom, among many other things, have contributed art to Destiny) were available for art print signings at the FFG booth during specific time periods, as was Chris Trevas (whose impressive resume includes art for Edge of the Empire). I sadly didn’t pick up a print to get signed, but they looked awesome!

Celebration was pretty much the most amazing experience ever, and Destiny being a part of it was the icing on the cake. If you weren’t able to attend yourself, hopefully you enjoyed reading about what FFG was up to with Destiny there. If you were at Celebration, too, I’d love to hear your stories about the show in the comments!

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