Coming Soon – Seattle Solidarity!

This will be an easy to begin, difficult to master type of deck, since singleton decks offer much less consistent draws than typical decks. They're more comparable to "Commander" style decks from Magic the Gathering, which also only allow one copy of each card.

Starting in late February, Cloud City Rollers will host casual Infinite Format Solidarity tournaments. This includes a small ban list for balance.

The format rules are pretty simple:

If you don’t own a copy of Solidarity, no problem! Since these are casual games, just let your opponent know that you’re playing a 31-point Solidarity deck.

Due to single-color deck building limitations, Kylo(2) and his ship were natural choices to exclude in order to promote a diverse play environment.

These decks won’t be legal for Standard Format events, but are perfect for casual play. Keeping the format Infinite after the release of Convergence means we can use our entire card pools to build with.

To keep things spicy, we may ban character combinations if they continuously dominate tournaments. We will continue to explore more ways to inspire creative deck building, too! Some local Solidarity (see what we did there?) is just the beginning!

We look forward to rolling with you!