Cloud City Rollers Worlds 2019 Invasion

Not pictured: Anyone whose handle begins with A, Daaneskjold, Kalaheo, Zherah, and traveling judge MasterKenton

I think most of our Militia is still recovering from Worlds (anyone else catch the Rakghoul Plague?) but across the board we agreed that Worlds was super awesome. Everyone who went had an absolute blast.

Cloud City Rollers Arroz_con_Mango and F4ll0ut made it not only to Day 2 but to Top 32, and Zach and James of The Dice of Failure (fellow Washington content creators) made it to Top 64. Eliminated Rollers stuck around to support Day 2 teammates, and then to cheer on our friend Vika from Artificery as he made it all the way to the finals!

We managed to mostly split our group between Day 1A and Day 1B, and somehow avoided cannibalizing our own teammates in any knockout rounds. I’m pretty sure we used up all our luck for the rest of the year with this—I expect Rollers to be auto-paired against each other in every Prime for the rest of the season.

The Decks

A classic CCR strategy is to grind really hard on a deck for weeks and then switch to something completely different the night before submitting the decklist. If you’d asked what folks were playing a couple weeks before Worlds, this list would have looked quite different. Or it would have been empty, because nobody could decide on anything.

Ace – R2-D2/C-3PO/eSatine Kryze/Armored Reinforcement

Arroz_con_Mango – eChopper/R2-D2/C-3PO/Fateful Companions

Bloody9 – ePalpatine/Jabba/Lightsaber Mastery

Cheshire – eVader/Greedo

Daaneskjold – eJabba/Sentinel Messenger/Wat Tambor

F4ll0ut – eMaul/Mandalorian Super Commando/Retribution

Goneplaid – ePalpatine/Jabba/Lightsaber Mastery

Grokdisco – eChopper/R2-D2/C-3PO/Fateful Companions

Jeremy – eChief Chirpa/Ewok Warrior//ePadme Amidala

Kalaheo – R2-D2/C-3PO/eSatine Kryze/Armored Reinforcement

Krezerker – eRey/eKylo Ren/Temporary Truce

Manzanita –  eChief Chirpa/Ewok Warrior//ePadme Amidala

Mark-3PO – eChopper/R2-D2/C-3PO/Fateful Companions

ReubenHood – eJabba/Sentinel Messenger/Wat Tambor

Sinomi – eVader/Greedo

Sonique_des_Fleurs – Palpatine/eJango/Lightsaber Mastery

Stefunny – eIden Versio/eTobias Beckett

Thejumpingflea – eChopper/R2-D2/C-3PO/Fateful Companions

Zherah – eMaul/Mandalorian Super Commando/Retribution

The Community

The fun wasn’t all just about competing in the event, though. The community events (including the HUGE one organized by Artificery), the camaraderie, and getting to hang out with so many other friendly and amazing players really made Worlds 2019 what it was. I’m disappointed that Worlds 2020 will be invite only—this change will likely shrink the event size and change the atmosphere by excluding a lot of folks and content creators who were super stoked to attend this year. I hope Organized Play and FFG rethink their plan for invite only.

Pods and Prizes

Now that was podracing! Everyone got a great deal of entertainment (and swag) out of playing in pods on the off days. I saw a whole lot of wheeling and dealing going on throughout the weekend as people tried to complete their shield or foil collections, so I hope everyone got what they wanted. I’ve got a nice monochrome Darth Bane that I will probably never play, but he sure does look cool.

The real prizes, of course, were the friends we made along the way, and also any Captain Rex shield tokens we were lucky enough to pull. The Cloud City Rollers are already looking forward to the next Worlds (and all the Destiny events in between). We hope to see you all there!