Melting Top Games in Lynnwood, WA

“I mill people and lie to everyone about eventually stopping… I’m a bad person, I acknowledge this.” – Kris

While not one to tell everyone what he’s going to be playing ahead of time, Kris has developed a reputation as the resident mill monster at our local stores. His DJ game is equally terrifying.

He took home multiple store championship prizes this summer, completing his set of 1st place, runner-up, and Tournament Organizer Ahsoka promos (Kris is a self-described “promo whore*”). He has volunteered as Judge and Marshal at multiple events. His builds are constant contenders for “most nefarious deck” when it comes to basically saying “no” to his opponents.

Kris played the discontinued Star Wars LCG by Fantasy Flight and also plays Magic: The Gathering, especially EDH. He doesn’t enjoy drafting, and hearts making kids cry.

*We have utmost respect for sex workers!