Best in the Galaxy – Seattle GQ 5-1

Last weekend I attended the Seattle Galactic Qualifier. There, I piloted my Five Die Falcon deck to a respectable 5-1 finish in Sunday Standard, completing one of my two Destiny life achievements.

I have now taken each different Millennium Falcon to a Top 8 finish in a competitive setting above Store Championship level! I flew Falcon1 with the four wide swarm, Falcon2 with Planned Explosion, and now Falcon3 with five die Armored Reinforcement.

SWDestinyDB deck image

The Characters

I flew the L3-37/Anakin/Rebel Engineer fat Falcon deck at the Denver GQ and had a lot of fun. However, I wasn’t in love with a couple of things. For one, killing L3 for the reset while having seven health little Ani be a key character to the game plan was tough. I also found myself always in need of more focus than I could find. The character lineup I settled on (pictured above) offers so much. You get 5 dice to start with, Armored Reinforcement, and 25 health. If that doesn’t start your hyperdrive, you should probably stop reading now.

eLor San Tekka

Don’t let that smile fool you—Tekka means business. Most people are aware of the versatility of Tekka, but he really shines in this deck. He offers sweet, sweet focus for all your dice and resets, a resource side, and a discard side that is fun to leave showing. His Power Action is what really takes him to MVP status, though. In the worst case scenario, it gives you a sixth card that you can use to reroll.

I got the maximum value out of this when I was facing a Yoda/Leia mill deck. About half of my deck was gone, and I could not draw more die cards for the life of me. My opponent milled a card off the top of my deck, sending an N-1 Starfighter to the discard. I was then able to use Tekka’s Power Action to select both R2 Astromechs and the N-1, forcing my opponent to give me an extra reset.


Satine, the other cost-effective support character Convergence offered heroes, has no bad sides. She has focus, resources, and a two indirect side that can catch people off guard and come in clutch in the late game. Satine also gives that beloved Rookie Pilot-style reroll and a target for Rendezvous.

Gungan Warrior

You know the deal. Six health, access to Red, loves to be thrown Into The Garbage Chute, and unless you’re in the first round, anything not a blank is worth resolving.


A first round Millennium Falcon isn’t the easiest thing to pull off, but with five dice and seven ramp cards, it’s achievable. Truce, Well-Connected, and Logistics are staples, but new to the roster is Rendezvous. It only works on Satine’s two-for-one resource side, but has more usability later in the game on the Falcon and Shadow Caster dice.

Falcon Reset

The key to Falcon reset is to play it like a swarm deck. Take what you can, play as efficiently as possible, and just keep going. The Falcon has no bad sides. Getting the three resource side gives a ton of ramp and can set up some crazy rounds. The three shield side is just more health and survivability, and can help change an opponent’s target. The two discard side can clear a hand late in the round, giving your resets free rein.

Millennium Falcon card

Escape Craft

Escape Craft offers resources and focus, and with two rolls a round, it goes a long way. The most important thing is to decide whether to detach before or after your Falcon rolls. If you have a Triple Laser Turret or Dorsal Turret in hand, then launch that Escape Craft first to try and get some resources to pay for more dice. Then re-attach and get to business. It’s also important to note that once your Falcon is fully loaded, you can feel free to leave the Escape Craft detached. It’s valuable early on, but you should never choose it over any of your other mods.

The Rest


This deck features your typical reset cards—Triple Laser Turret, Dorsal Turret, R2 Astromech, and N-1 Starfighter. The Shadow Caster is crazy powerful, and it’s not too hard to get the Falcon and Shadow Caster down in round 1. Opponents will find it very difficult to deal with both, especially when the ships are loaded up.

Senate Chamber card

Senate Chamber is there to close out games—in the late game, Tekka and/or Satine will go down, and you will need focus. You can even use it to focus Satine to indirect and help push that last bit of damage.


11 slots for mitigation isn’t too bad, but you have to make it count. Easy Pickings, Into The Garbage Chute, Outgun, and Suppressive Fire do just that. Vandalize is huge in a support heavy meta, and with five character dice you can get just about anything. It also helps against Vigilance, which is kryptonite to reset decks. Hidden Motive is an easy include since there aren’t a lot of zero-cost options for hero.

Battlefield and Mulligan

Landing Dock is about the only battlefield vehicle decks have these days. It’s good for this deck and almost nobody wants to pick it, so likely you’ll get useful shields instead. If you win the roll off, which is not that uncommon, you have to decide if your opponent getting the Claim every round is worth two shields. I often find myself picking my battlefield these days.

Landing Dock card

If I don’t draw two ramp cards in my opening hand, I mulligan everything else. R2 Astromech, Triple Laser Turret, and other similar cards are tempting, but you need the round 1 boost.

Cards 31-35

With the possible decline of support decks, it’s worth considering running Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder over Vandalize. However, I don’t think I would want both. Strategic Planning is also a great card worth thinking about, but I just don’t see room for it unless reset decks really take off again. Lastly, there’s good reason to cut Hidden Motive for another big mitigation card. Entangle or Beguile are obvious choices, but In The Crosshairs looks pretty good too.


As mentioned earlier, you want to play as efficiently as possible. You don’t need to resolve your dice for their best sides—just resolve as many as possible. They only time I ever focus a side showing damage to more damage is after an opponent has Claimed and I can secure a kill. The rest of the time I am perfectly happing taking shields and money.

I’m not sure where the Falcon will stand after the latest Balance of the Force meta shift. I fully expect aggro decks to come out swinging, and Vader and Phasma will provide their own challenges, but this Cloud City Corellian is ready.