Back On My Boushhit – Seattle GQ 5-1

Featured image by Peter Deseve

I’ve been working to keep the Yoda – Wizened Master/Leia Organa – Boushh dream alive post-rotation, and have had great success with it in the current three-wide resource-ramp meta. It has gone through lots of tweaking and editing, and I’ve gotten some useful friendly advice and suggestions from my fellow Cloud City Rollers.

I took this deck to the Seattle Galactic Qualifier and managed to go 5-1 officially (technically 4-2 due to a sixth round scoop and just-for-fun match—GGs, Mike!). Apologies for any misremembered info!

Game 1 (Ray) – Loss– eGeneral Grievous – Droid Armies Commander/Doctor Aphra – Artifact Hunter/Sentinel Messenger

This was my first match and official loss of the day. Ray is a friendly out-of-towner who made it to the last Seattle GQ as well; he’s always fun to play with.

I miscalculated Grievous’ health thanks to two Modular Frames on him. I thought I could kill him by playing an Impulsive to resolve a Leia die and then claiming his Petranaki Arena – Geonosis. This would have left his single die Aphra at one or two health going into the next round. Unfortunately, my lackluster math abilities allowed Ray to roll Grievous out in the next round, focus Aphra to a resource side, and slam down a Separatist Landing Craft. Next, he resolved a special to get an additional Battle Droid on the board. He then proceeded to nuke me with a BT-1/0-0-0/Climate Disruption Array combo in the next round before I could kill the double Modular Framed Battle Droid.

Game 2 (Matthew) – Win– ePalpatine – Unlimited Power/Watto – Stubborn Gambler

There’s not much to say here. In Palp matches you either blow him away fast, or he Force Storms you off the board while sitting at 3 million HP. I managed to ramp faster than my opponent with a crucial Underhanded Tactics and multiple sabers on Yoda. Leia rolled hot, and unfortunately Matthew’s Watto didn’t.

Game 3 (Thaddeus) – Win– eSnoke – Supreme Leader/Watto – Stubborn Gambler/First Order Stormtrooper

I faced the unholy trinity, and it was piloted by one of the friendliest dudes I met over the weekend. Thaddeus and his wife came up from California and were a blast to play against. This deck was the one I felt most prepared for due to pre-GQ practice. I managed to get down a Force Wave early, along with enough villain upgrades to apply Leia’s wide special pressure.

Game 4 (Bruce) – Win– eCaptain Phasma – Stormtrooper Commander/Sentinel Messenger

This was my second most feared deck, mainly because of Retribution and how strong it is with ol’ Chrome Dome’s 8 million character dice. Fellow Cloud City Roller Bruce (F4ll0ut) was sitting across from me, and unfortunately had some major dud rolls on his troopers. I was able to utilize Treasured Lightsaber and Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Lightsaber for some much needed unblockable damage to Phasma, and Bruce’s rolls allowed me to avoid some Retribution pings. When he did manage to roll huge, a well-timed Dodge saved my bacon.

The best moment for me in this match was resolving a random Leia discard side as a round ending move to snatch a Vader’s Fist from Bruce’s hand!

Game 5 (Kevin) – Win– eGeneral Grievous – Droid Armies Commander/Sentinel Messenger/Super Battle Droid/Armored Reinforcement

This deck was played by one of our Bellingham neighbors, and Kevin’s goal was to run me over multiple times with his General Grievous’ Wheel Bike. I worked to keep him resource-starved either with spot-villain Leia specials or random Yoda disrupt rolls. Moxie on both of my characters worked wonders this match. They allowed me to gain extra wide damage or turtle harder against his Laser Cannon mods. The Roll Gods weren’t really on Kevin’s side, and I was able to special chain him into oblivion. That wasn’t the end of it, though. During our rematch on Sunday, Kevin proceeded to violently drive over my green muppet until he was paste.

Game 6 Scoop Win – eSnoke – Supreme Leader/eTarkin – Grand Moff

While we were setting this game up, Mike and I both admitted to already being mentally beat from eight or so hours of Destiny that day. Mike was only playing Saturday, while I would be returning the next day for Sunday’s events, so we agreed that he would get the high-table four ticket payout, and I would get the logged win regardless of how our match played out.

This deck was like a nightmare from the last Regionals meta returning to haunt me. I’ve never had great success against Snarkin, and this fight was no exception. Tarkin decks just do not roll poorly, mainly because there’s almost always something for them to work with. Mike mentioned his own concerns about facing the Yoda/Leia combo, but I think I was the most worried about the matchup.

Snokeable die? Check. Blanks from STAP Droid or Megablaster Troopers dice to turn into four indirect damage? Check. Enough ramp ability to get out the scariest supports? Hell yes.

Mike was able to pay off Leia’s specials or just take the hits, and unfortunately I was not able to arm my characters with the necessary upgrades. I also had to use my Easy Pickings earlier than I wanted to avoid some nasty dice. Apart from using Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder to take a scary Umbaran Hover Tank from Mike’s hand and playing a mind-bending Beguile to avoid a Tarkin Power Action on far too many dice, I was pretty ineffective. Mike managed to blow away both my heroes with relative ease.


The general idea is this: get a villain card down early (such as Underhanded Tactics) and start resolving special’s like there’s no tomorrow. These are my five villain cards:

Underhanded Tactics should always go on Yoda. Its special is great for continuing special chains. Use it to turn another die to a special side (particularly Yoda’s or Leia’s).

Leia should get Grappling Boa and Skilled Tracker—both give free mitigation! As a bonus, these upgrades can ruin a Watto’s roll.

Moxie can work well on either character, but is especially potent when used for Leia’s special. Force Wave is there for when extra threat to wide decks is needed.

If Leia goes down or is the main focus of your opponent, load up the muppet with Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Lightsaber or Treasured Lightsaber. Then smack ’em with the unblockable damage to deal with any Riot Shields or shield turtling.

Aim to use the Leia specials to either gain money or overwhelm your opponent with wide damage. If they’re paying you off, you get to ramp!

I tend to only resolve Leia’s damage sides if they’re strongly modified, lethal, or if there’s no way to get to her special instead.


The event suite is fairly cheap. Chances are you won’t win the roll off, so you can’t depend on Mean Streets – Corellia too much. It’s great when you do win the battlefield, however.

Disciplined Mind is your basic point-and-click mitigation, so use as needed.

Flee the Scene is an MVP card and, if timed correctly, can really save you. It’s a bonus if you somehow win the roll-off and can then use it as a turn-ender.

Dodge is a one-off card meant for blowing out a Phasma deck god roll, while In The Crosshairs is a more expensive flex card.

Impulsive and Instigate are both great for a Yoda roll out.

The three spot-yellow cards (two Easy Pickings and one Entangle) are for Leia to use before she goes down.

Play Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder when your opponent has three to five resources to snag a Vader’s Fist or Megablaster Troopers. You could also use it to swipe events to protect your special chaining, or just use it to hit whatever theme you’re up against. I don’t know, I’m not your dad. You can make smart decisions.

Thanks for reading!