EReuben / EStephanie paired against each other at the Portland Regional Tournament, 2019
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Content Warning: This epic tale draws heavily on publicly posted source material and is not intentionally plagiarized, but rather is emulation with the deepest level of respect.

(So basically, please don’t sue me.)

Episode IV: A New Game

Bothell writing team Reuben and Stephanie started their Destiny journey back in 2017. On their way to a snowboarding trip, they stumbled upon the Two Player Set with the helpful guidance of the awesome staff at The Portland Game Store. While already board gamers at heart, Star Wars: Destiny was their first experience with collectible card games, and the entire concept of booster packs and customized decks was brand new.

Finding our community wasn’t exactly easy for them, unfortunately (and is part of what inspired the creation of this site!). In their search for people to play with, they found via Facebook that a Legacies draft was happening at Terracrux in Tacoma, but they didn’t have Rivals kits yet. They scoured every game store from Bellevue to Everett before finally finding Rivals kits at Wishes and at Snohomish store Geek Fortress.

Despite getting the “god-pull” of an elite Aayla from his draft packs, Reuben’s lack of experience held him back from destroying the other drafters during his first time playing Destiny in the wild. This didn’t discourage the plucky pair though; Reuben and Stephanie had so much fun that they decided to go to a second draft the same evening at neighboring store Tacoma Games.

Back when she didn’t compete with Yoda as a 13-point character. T_T

Playing Destiny felt awesome, and Reuben and Stephanie had met a ton of cool new people at their first drafts. However, the idea of regularly driving all the way south to Tacoma’s Destiny meetups was pretty daunting to our heroes.

Episode V: Seattle Traffic Strikes Back

At this point, they’d become the type of frothing fans that a lot of us are now. You know, the kind that watch streams of recent local regional tournaments on Twitch? In watching the regional stream, they witnessed players from Seattle playing at the top tables. This meant that there had to be players somewhere closer to home than Tacoma – they just hadn’t found them yet. It was time to send out those probe droids.

Destiny players are out there somewhere…

That’s it, the rebels are there! At Meeples Games in West Seattle, Reuben and Stephanie finally found a location closer to home than Tacoma to play Destiny. By some kind of witch magick, they even ended up playing with the Seattle guy they had seen on the Portland Regional stream, mill trend-setter Breon (pronounced “brawn”).

Unfortunately, as any Seattleite knows, living in the north end and trying to cross the West Seattle Bridge on a weekday evening can be as difficult as navigating the icy plains of Hoth. Now armed with the knowledge that a Seattle community existed, Reuben and Stephanie continued their search for a home base Destiny spot.

Episode VI – Return of the Rollers

Introducing… Manzanita9

They had to probe around on Facebook a little more, but Stephanie and Reuben eventually found the holy grail for all Destiny players: a place to play at that is literally five minutes away from one’s house. Zulu’s Board Game Cafe was not only conveniently located, but also had a lot of other cool stuff such as amazing food, beers on tap, plenty of board games to play, and, best of all… this guy!

Shortly after our heroes established a home base there, a casual Zulu’s Destiny League took shape under Galactic Chancellor Ethan. Four clans were formed, but a challenge arose; one of the league rules dictated that you couldn’t be clan mates with someone you carpooled with – even if it was just a five minute drive.

The duo was forced to split up, but each decided that they would lead clans of their own.

Stephanie forged the Porg Patrol with a Destiny Dad and two other players, while Reuben assumed the role of Tasu Leech and created Kanjiklub (which happened to include now-Rollers GonePlaid and Zherah).

Manzanita9 himself was part of the Naboo Alliance, along with RevHellion and two dudes with the same first name.

Last (and certainly least, since they’re a bunch of scrubs) was Phoenix Squadron, which featured
Phoenix Leader Sinomi, Rollers AnalogKid and Mark-3PO, Destiny Dad’s Child, and the quarter-finalist/commentator from the Portland Regional 2019, code-named Fulcrum.

How the league ended wasn’t important (other than the CRAZY amounts of swag that got distributed, including some hand-crocheted treasures by Stephanie), rather what mattered was the skills and friendships that were honed in the process.


Episode VII – The Fierce Awakens

Next, with plenty of experience from drafts, league play, Galactic Qualifiers, Store Championships, and Regional Tournaments, eReuben / eStephanie returned to The Portland Game Store  – back to where their crazy journey first started.

After dabbling in some blue/yellow Hero mill, Reuben returned to Hero vehicles for the 2019 Portland Regional, and Stephanie decided to bring her speedy gun n’ run three-wide.